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Our Services

Doggy Workplace Wellness

Doggy Cafe is big on workplace wellness! We believe in the scientifically proven benefits that dogs bring into the work environment. Doggy Therapy is the future!

The Cuddle Club – The Cutest Club in London

Forward-thinking, dog-friendly companies are joining The Cuddle Club! As a member, you are committed to receiving cuddles from some of London’s loving dogs. We bring our dog squad into the workplace to de-stressyour staff, giving them an instant mood boost. Giving attention to dogs lowers blood pressure and heart rate, helping us to be calmer and more mindful.

Doggy Daycare – A Pawsome Experience

Our pop up is a bespoke Doggy Daycare providing amazing care for office dogs, but also fun activities that dogs, dog owners and dog lovers in the workplace can participate in together. Doggy Cafe can pop up in your workplace for one day, several months or for years!

Short term or long term, we tailor our service to your needs.

Dog Retreats – Rural Adventures for City Dwellers

We provide rural adventures for city dwellers. Doggy day Retreats are where dog owners and lovers can spend the day in a new and revitalizing environment for the day, enjoying nature and each other.

Get ready to have fun, learn, bond and socialize, as part of our individually tailored Retreat schedules.

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