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Our Mission

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In tune with modern life

Doggy Cafe creates Events, Workshops, and Unique Experiences that dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers can attend and enjoy together. Doggy Cafe promotes happiness, health and human connection.

Dogs are great for human health and we promote the healing powers of doggy therapy. We promote ethical dog welfare and that all dogs (and animals) should have the best quality of life possible.

Dogs absolutely bring happiness into dog owners and dog lovers lives, we just want to expand upon this and inject more happiness into the lives of dogs and their owners by creating a platform of connectivity.

Deepening the Bond
Doggy Cafe will help deepen the bond through workshops and events that enable dog lovers, dog owners and their dogs to connect and understand each other better, taking the love to a deeper place.

Win-Win Partnerships
We love partnerships and strive to work with brands, companies, and individuals that care about the connection, health, and happiness of dogs and their owners as much as we do.

Support Dogs Who Need Love
For all the dogs, out there that are being given oodles of love and affection, there are still dogs that are not. We will support dogs that need love, and help them get it.

We love and encourage personal expression. Whether you dress your doggy daily, dye your doggy’s hair or your own, everyone is welcome!

``Forward- thinking companies who benefit from the healing powers of doggy therapy in the workplace``

Our clients include
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